Riding-stable with horse trekking tours on family holidays! Country - last minute family summer with organic vegetable on the farm!

Organic Farmstay

Fresh water, homemade products, in the Heart of Europe, meat from cows and pigs, country in warm climate, fresh grown food, in the mountains, the center of the Alps!


Bio Bauernhof


...have a haunting farm holiday

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Your hosts welcome you

at our farm Kerschdorferhof!


Countryside free of genetic engineering!

worth wide, ride forest-valley
Inspirational-holidays with decent, full bio-products and refine, fragrant remedial herbs and wild herbs from the Carinthian Nature!

Family-farm, mild climate, inspirational place of energy in the heart of Europe!

Sunset, cows, daily fresh milk
Children are dreaming of tractor-driving in countryside family holidays. The farmer takes you into the tractor wih pleasure! It is also possible to book a last minute camping holiday on our organic farm in the alps!

Homemade jams, apple juice, work wholesome
Grown on the farm: Berries, organic produces. Vacation worth wide! Cows for daily fresh milk!

  • Homemade produces in warm climate, fresh and tasty grown food, meat from cows and pigs of our organic farm in the mountains!Having a glorious view to the South Alps (Karawanken and Dolomits) from the veranda of the farm, you can relax and enjoy the beautiful countryside and the pond with frog-concert!
  • Walking holidays, working farm breaks, or last minute camping in the countryside!.
    Leisure offers like horse riding, walking, cycling around the farm, also mushrooms-wonderings or herbal-wonderings with the farmer-woman are included in the price.

Own land, own plants, own horses
Horse riding holidays in the countryside  - equestrian holidays in Austria!

 Horse trekking, I feel good! 

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  • Last minute holidays in warm climate, non smoking country family, relaxing, staying for one week!
    Sandy Beach, sunshine on the Southside of the Alps -   inspirational walking holidays,  hiking on beautiful beaches, fishing on the river around the organic farm in Carinthia!
  • Country for oversea-tourists!
    Adventurous riding holidays on the mountain, riding stable, situated in a valley, fishing, walking or biking, You will have a great time on our organic farm in Central Europe!

Fresh grown food, country, non smoking, freshwater, mild climate, Lakes nearby, place of energy, horseriding holidays, organic farm, Holiday homes, meadows, green grass, hiking holidays, relax oversea stay across the sea, riding, fishing, walking Central-Europe, South-Alps working-farm list farmstay, family oversea holidays Kerschdorfer Hof, Michenthaler, english speaking farm organic, 900m high, Carinthia South Austria! Tel.Nr. 0043 (0) 4271 2094 Kurt Michenthaler. email: info@kerschdorferhof.at