Riding-stable with horse trekking tours on family holidays! Country - last minute family summer with organic vegetable on the farm!

horseback Holiday

Fresh water, homemade products, in the Heart of Europe, meat from cows and pigs, country in warm climate, fresh grown food, in the mountains, the center of the Alps!


Bio Bauernhof


On our alternative Farm for free:

  • Own tingling clear “Freshwater" from Mountain !

On our alternative Farm for free:

  • Wake up for Horse- and Ponyriding

Biohof-Urlaub: Berg-Quellwasser gratis!

Ökohof-Mithilfe: Im Reiturlaub gratis reiten!

  • Our special "Holiday-Offer":
    "Half board including beverages of the farm"

Breakfast-Buffet: fresh and tasty bread, finally spicy ham, piquant cattle salamis, jogurt, milk, butter, curd cheese, Mozarella mountain-cheese, jams and eggs..etc. -   all home made organic produce of the farm!

Evening Dinner: Fresh salads, soup, seasonal vegetable grown food of countryside decently and adäquately prepared, meat from pigs, calves and cows of the organic farm and wonderful desserts. - Encluding homemade drinks (applejuice and applecider from the own orchard! And also fresh water from our own mountain-spring.

Afternoon:  Coffee, tea and homemade pastries will entice to sit down!-3 times/week!  (All products of the farm are free of genetic engineering)

Bauernhofurlaub-Mithilfe, Halbpension, Kräuterführung

Angebot: Whirlpool für Kinder
  • Seasonal work on organic farm! Apple juice and cider freshly from the own fruit-press!

Our farm is close to self-sustaining, producing most of the food consumed by the community, including our own apple-juice and applecider, which are grown in our orchard and now cheerfully consumed each evening on dinner and on the veranda of our farm, while discussing the events of the day and watching the sunset over the farm and the magnificent mountains of Carinthia - the South-Alps!

  • Creative working on farmstay:

Öko-Reiturlaub: Bauernhof-Mithilfe

Bio-Mithilfe Ponyreiten Musik Sauna 

A holiday-guest of Stuttgart has painted this nice picture of our Farm-house during his biology court vacation into the "visitor´s book" We would like to thank all our guest, who have written in our "Visitor´s-book´" with so much love. Unforgettable farm-holidays: A holiday-guest has built this ecological pyramid with loam and stones. If You want, You also can help on our working farm: Feed and taking care of animals, help with the crop of potatoes or fruit harvest in autumn!
  • Bread-baking and making butter for everyone, who likes to help during his holidays on our organic farm.

Reiturlaub, Mithilfe, Brotbacken

Biohof, Ferienwohnungen, Pferde-reiten

Frühstücksbuffet, Pferde füttern, Biohof-Urlaub, Wanderung Bio, Wandern, Bauernhofurlaub, Öko                  Öko-Hofladen, Blumenwiesen, Pilz-Wanderung             Wanderwege, Traktorfahrt, Halbpension, Appartements
Bauernhofurlaub Streicheltiere Grillabend bio Ökohof
  • Proposals for hiking-tours after your lavish breakfast and horse riding in the morning:

1. Hiking-tour to "Homberg"                                         2    Std.
2. Hiking-tour to "Bösensteiner Waterfall"                 2,5 Std.
3. Hiking-tour to Goggau-lake "bath and play"          3,5 Std.
4. Hiking-tour to "Burg Ruine Steuerberg"                  4,5 Std.
5. Hiking-tour to "Wachsenberg"                                  5,5 Std.

  •  Relaxing, singing, non smoking on our organic farm!

Together making music: available music-instruments on the farm: Piano, flutes, accordeon.

Grill-possibility in summer, jacuzzi fully with fresh water of the mountains, also Baby splash around with pleasure in jacuzzi. Enjoy also our wooden Sauna. Play-room for children, Carousel, tram Pole, big sand-bits, child-tractor, wooden rocking-horse. Playground for football, table-tennis etc.

Öko-Mithilfe, Gratis-reiten Bauernhofurlaub Biobauernhof

Reiterhof bio Babyfreundlich

  • Nature walks around the farm!

Enjoy the fresh mountain air and the beauty, peace and quiet of the nature. The chirping of the crickets, the beautiful song of the birds, and sometimes you hear the call of the cuckoo. The sums of the bees and beetles, the bells in the village. The neigh of the horses, the loughter of happy children and in the evening on the veranda you hear the frogs in the pond nearby!

Kräuterwanderung, Sauna, Whirlpool, kinderfreundlich Herrlicher Wanderweg mit Ruhebänkchen


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