Riding-stable with horse trekking tours on family holidays! Country - last minute family summer with organic vegetable on the farm!

Wildgemüse essen - Rezepte

Fresh water, homemade products, in the Heart of Europe, meat from cows and pigs, country in warm climate, fresh grown food, in the mountains, the center of the Alps!


Bio Bauernhof


Eco-farm - Organic farmstay
        in the pristine nature!

Secluded location,  fresh air, eco - park Hochrindl! Whether the autumn holidays, whitsun holiday, spring break or summer vacation, wellness and fresh mountain air! Apartments in biological construction on the organic farm!

Eco - Children's holiday, hiking, biking, ride with the bike to the lake, Goggausee, Ossiachersee, natural fresh water pond, fresh air, sandy beach, great trails, wonderful view.
Forest edge - own sandy beach - nature - ponds - stable

  • A relaxing country holiday: The possibility of farm work during vacation. Organic farm shop with many natural products, library and many many animals on the farm! Autumn holidays, Whitsun, summer or spring vacation on an organic farm!
    Natural products in our farm shop: rye bread, spelled bread, wheat bread, ham, salami, sausage, cheese, butter, cottage cheese, yogurt, milk, jams and marmalades of fruits from the wild, honey, spirits and liqueurs, apple juice, cider, potatoes, fruits, vegetables and herbs of the season!
Bauernhofurlaub Landurlaub Bio-Ferienhof saubere Umwelt
Interesting holiday: Common Chesse-making on our farm!
  • Organic farm holiday - idyllic location: on the southern edge of the Alps - in the midst of nature park Gurktal, secluded location, away from street noise and environmental stress. Family-friendly farm holiday with kids pedal tractor, pony trekking, cycling, children - fairy tales in a clean environment, fresh mountain air and tasty organic food from Aurtrian whole foods cuisine and the pristine nature!
  • Eco-friendly yard:
    - Solar energy for hot water
    - Biological diesel tractor driving (small children tractor with foot pedal)
    - A healthy environment for our animals on the farm!
    - All machinery and equipment on an organic farm run on green electricity, and Austrian hydro power,
    - Wood heating with wood chips from the forest itself!
    - Own defecator and also fresh air at the organic farm!

Reiterhof Bio Tiere am Hof Ponies Ökobauernhof
Fresh herbal tea for organic breakfast in your riding holiday!
You are allowed to help with the picking of the herbs!


Wandern Tiere am Hof romantisch Urlaub am See

       Flughafen Sonne romantisch frische Luft!

Whirlpool Ausflugsziele musizieren Solar-Anlage

Ferienwohnungen umweltfreundlich Hackschnitzel-Heizung
  • Eco-farm - Solar energy - shore - fresh moutain air - farm shop - farm animals!
    Beside the soccer field is the petting zoo: Especially the kids will enjoy the farm holidays. Nature, riding stable, sun, biking, widespread program for children, library on the farm.
    Many kittens and rabbits wait for pets from you kids! and you can feed them with fresh collected grass and dandelion. Farm vacation: On the farm you can find about 10 cows and a few calfs, they are always out on the pasture. Some of the mother cows are on the alps at theHochrindl (Albeck) from May to October. The dairy cows give fresh organic milk every day and so stay on the farm! 4 horses and 2 ponies graze in the wild and are looking forward for riding and hiking with you. Shore: outdoor enclosure at the organic farm! In the outdoor enclosure you can also find chicken.
    Farm shop - organic products - breakfast buffet. In the morning all children can help to get all the eggs from the chicken!
Biobauernhof Hofladen Ferien-Appartements Reitstall

Mitarbeiten Gratis-reiten Rad-fahren musizieren Vollwertküche

  • Nature - circulation - free of genetic engineering -
    many animals on the farm!

    You can drink the homemade apple juice. 
    Our large orchard with many old gnarled
    fruit trees is a nature reserve.
    The dense crowns of the trees provide a natural
    breeding ground for many rare birds
    There is a natural bio-cycle flow on the farm!

Biohof-Urlaub Tiere am Hof radfahren Gratis-reiten!


Radurlaub Whirlpool Pferdereiten Reiturlaub Landurlaub

Pferd Bio-Ferienhof reiten österreichische Natur-Küche

  • Natural organic farm holidays in harmony with the nature!

- Eco - Watermill: biologically grind grain, Whitsun, hydro, green energy
- Eko - Apple press for apple juice, autumn holidays
- Eko - Bread oven with wood heating, summer vacation, rye bread, pizza
- Eko - Distillery with wood heating, romantic holiday, spirits and liqueurs!
- Eko - organic farm - forest - apartments with solid wood - biological construction!

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