Riding-stable with horse trekking tours on family holidays! Country - last minute family summer with organic vegetable on the farm!

In der Natur krisensicher

Fresh water, homemade products, in the Heart of Europe, meat from cows and pigs, country in warm climate, fresh grown food, in the mountains, the center of the Alps!


Bio Bauernhof


Holiday - Mountains - Nature.
Holiday in the mountains, vacation at the lake!
        Where children feel happy, parents can relax!

  • Organic farm with many fields of flowers around the playground!

Naturpark Stockbrotbacken singen BergeAppartements Biobauernhof Ferien in den BergenErdbeeren Biohof Freizeitangebot Wanderparadies

Wohnlich Berge Klavier Freizeitangebot Ferien

  • Kids! You can expect freedom, love of life, happiness and many contemporary friends so you can play together.
  • Apartements with biological construction, vacation at the lake! Eat biological cherries, vegetarian food, choose your meal, nature park Gurktal - austrian nature-cuisine. large soccer-field to romp around, play catching, playing ball, playing in Velden, badminton, soccer, playing handball, sing, dance and lough!
    Playground suitable for children: biological design, vacation in the mountains, austrian cuisine, at the lake, in the mountains. Large sandpit with sand-toys, trucks, swing, carousel, trampoline, rocking horse. Kids pedal tractor with trailer and children's bicycles. Kids love riding on organic farm in their holidays! eco-farmyard-pets corner. Holiday in spring, whitsun holiday, summer holiday, vacation in autumn, full-value, austrian cuisine!
  • Kids toys for our small children: doll buggy, dolls, building blocks to build castles and mountains, Lego. Games for small children, children's books in the library. Spring holidays, summer holidays, autumn holidays, vacation at the lake, in nature, in the mountains!

Kirschen essen, Wasserbrunnen, Pfingstferien, Blumenwiese

geführte Wanderung singen Whirlpool Kinderbetreuung
  • Older children can stay on the farm during the day. They can play with their friends in the hay, take the ponies out for a walk or ride the horses. Table tennis spielen, table soccer, reading books from the farm-library or playing cards in the leisure room. Also various board games, such as mill, checkers, ludo are available: playing outdoor, playing in your holiday on an organic farm! Caused by the family-community of our guests, using the guests as child-care of older children is very welcome!
Bauernhofurlaub Appartements, Biohof-Urlaub, Hofladen, Ferien

Biohof Musikurlaub geführte Wanderungen vom Hof!

  • Pet's corner:
    The enclosure for our pet's is located beside the playground. Especially for young children is the first contact with small animals: bunnies, rabbits and kittens, in the pet's corner an experience!
    On an organic farm many chicken bustle around and lay an egg almost every day. The kids are allowed to remove the eggs with the farmer in the morning at about 10:00 o'clock. The calves are on the willow with the mother cows, but you can visit and pet them every time you want to. Also do not miss the other animals:  horses und ponies, they also wait for strokes.
  • Organic strawberries and blueberries: you can collect them in the unspoiled nature and help baking a cake! - a haunting experience for every child! Collect grass and dandelion for the rabbits, also collect cherries and plums and enjoy them. Gather currants and eat homemade pestries!
    Fragrant wild strawberries and raspberries delight children - on the trail in the woods you can relish the eco-blueberries!
Pfingstferien, musizieren, Kinder, Lagerfeuer, Kinder
  • Children's leisure facilities at the organic farm:
     - a funny tractor-ride into the woods for mushrooming!
     - Campfire with a stick baking bread
     - singing and playing music on holiday:
       musical instruments at the court: piano, flute, accordion,
       guitar, sheet music and lyrics!
     - help and watch the butter stirring, 
       cheese making and bread baking.
  • Destinations, of which the kids will love:
     - "Minimundus"
     - "Planetarium"
     - "Reptile zoo"
     - Doll-museum and mushroom-museum in Treffen!
     - Visit the cathedral of Gurz- dwarf park for the kids!
  • Explore and conquer castles and ruins - dream of many children and adults!
     - "Castle-ruin Landskron" with Eagle Air Show and the  
     - "Castle Hochosterwitz"
     - "Castle-City Friesach"
     - "Stalactite cave Obir"
     - "Gambling" in Velden
  • other highlights for children:
     - "Tscheppaschlucht"
     - "Tobbogun run Moosburg"
     - "Boat trips on Drau, on Ossiachersee or 
     - with the "Panorama-Kanzelbahn" for Nordic-Walking 
       or for "family hike" on the Gerlitzen!
  • Spa-vacation "Oasis of calm" also for children!
    Relax on eco-farmyard in Carinthia! Wellness pure:"relax" amongst organic fruit trees and eco-meadows and let your soul dangle! Accomodiation: furnished apartements in a natural ecological design with solid wood, loving and homely.
    Benches in front of the cherry tree, the playground and the pond invite you to contemplation, enjoying the unspoilt nature with all your senses.
    You can welcome the morning-sun during having breakfast at the lawn! Admire the panoramic view of the carinthian mountains from the sundeck! Inhale the scent of hay and mountain-herbs on the balcony of your comfortable apartements!
    A wellness-highlight at our farmstay: 8-person-whirlpool, filled with spring water and the finish sauna!
  • Bathing facilities for families with children:
     - "Swimming pond at the farm" child-suitable and also 
        suitable for non-swimmers.
     - Goggausee with small-children's pool, big
        sandpit and a large raft.
     - Marvelous carinthian lakes:
       Ossiacher See, Wörther See, Weissensee, Millstättersee,
       Faaker See, Maltschacher See, Keutschacher See,
       Klopeiner See, Turnersee.

Mühle, mahlen, Biohof-Urlaub, Wasserbrunnen

Biohof, Blumenwiese, Biohof-Urlaub, Wassermühle

Biohof, Vollwertküche, Ballspielen, Kasperltheater!


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