Riding-stable with horse trekking tours on family holidays! Country - last minute family summer with organic vegetable on the farm!

Krisenzeiten Vorsorge

Fresh water, homemade products, in the Heart of Europe, meat from cows and pigs, country in warm climate, fresh grown food, in the mountains, the center of the Alps!


Bio Bauernhof


Organic farm holiday - make your dreams come true!

Wanderwege, Familie, Michenthaler, Bauernhofurlaub, Reitstall

  • Have a friendly relationship with horses and ponies!
  • Free riding at our organic farm!


  •  A perfect starting day begins with a refreshing breakfast. Then we fetch the horses all together and get them ready to ride.
    "All the luck in the world
    located on the back of a horse. "

Kind mit Pferd

Bauernhofurlaub, reiten, Badeteich, Karussell

Holiday starts
when your kids are happy!

  • You get your new friends to know
    while you can assist in the stable
    and while tacking up the horses.
  • Daily horse-riding for children!
    All level riders can try the "feeling" on the horse's back. Experienced riders can admire
    the unspoiled, natural beauty on the trak through the woods and the meadows.

Wanderwege, Badeteich, reiten, Reiterhof

Ökohof, Pony, Badeteich, Freizeitangebote

  • A safe, friendly and caring environment for all horse enthusiasts and their horses.
  • Even "newbies" or curious children learn how to deal with the horses.
    You can discover the
    freedom and joy of nature that our
    organic farm provides.
  • After the horse riding you can do a
    tractor ride or play in the hay, visit the petting corner or watch the frogs at the pond, in the evening have fun at the campfire - so you have lot's of stories to tell!
  • Experienced riders can take the horses out
    for a ride, on their own.

Reiterhof, Freizeit-Angebote, Karussell, Biohof-Urlaub

Mithilfe, Pferdereiten, Sandkasten, Frühstück


  • The whole family gets excited about group hikes and horseback riding on marked trails.

Biohof, Tiere, Wanderwege, Familie

Freizeiten, Sandstrand, Kinder, Tischfußball

  • The young horses can spend the 1st and 2nd year in the alps (only in the summertime) to get spicy wild herbs to strengthen.


  • At our farm all the animals live with the nature!
    In summer, fresh grass from the pasture and in winter the fragrant hay.
    To remain the natural cycle and not lose  the lot of valuable trace elements in soil,l the fertilizer for the lawns comes from our own animals!


  • 3 horses look forward to meet you and take you out for a ride!

    Gratis-reiten, Wanderwege, Tischfußball, öko

Urlaub mit Pferden

  • Free horse-riding!

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